Our Practice

The Warren Capital Management Group strives to serve as our clients’ most trusted advisor, with a practice focused on affluent families. With an integrated approach, we offer individually tailored solutions in the areas of trust and estate administration, investment management, and financial strategies.

Understanding our clients and delivering a personalized level of service requires significant time and attention. Limiting the number of clients we serve is fundamental to our approach, allowing us to be available to our clients as issues arise in their lives. Building relationships with family members and other key advisors is a critical component to the assistance we provide.

We use a very traditional approach to portfolio and asset management. Our strategy is simple. Portfolios are built and managed using primarily individual stocks and bonds. Each client understands their investments and the strategy developed. We look to build core portfolios with a strategic long term outlook, adding a tactical allocation to investments that capitalize on current market events.

Many clients come to us having already achieved affluence. It is our challenge to identify opportunities in the investment markets while being mindful of the need to preserve wealth. Bringing discipline to the investment process, maintaining a long term approach, and focusing on in depth research are the cornerstones of our investment strategy.

We are fortunate to have the vast resources of one of the largest wealth management firms in the country, with all the intimacy and personal service of a small boutique practice. Our education, experience, and relentless desire to exceed client expectations provide the foundation for our wealth management practice.